Murakami @ Bilbao

murakamigb8 Murakami @ Bilbao
murakamigb9 Murakami @ Bilbao
murakamigb20 Murakami @ Bilbao
murakamigb29 Murakami @ Bilbao
murakamigb912 Murakami @ Bilbao
As Japanese Pop Art master TAKASHI MURAKAMI’s retrospective “© Murakami” show continues on its epic world tour, the grandiose GUGGENHEIM BILBAO museum plays host to its latest and most daunting stop to date. Settling into the swooping Frank Gehry-skinned art palace, the show—fresh off its recent stop in Frankfurt, Germany—replicates its general outlay previously established at the initial MoCA LA, and Brooklyn Museum stops, but this time the artist’s epic painted and sculptural works are finally housed in a venue as aesthetically compelling as the whole of Murakami’s oeuvre.

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